What Is The Total Cost Of Drilling A Borehole?

The cost of drilling a borehole depends on the location and depth of the borehole. Kindly get in touch with us for a quotation.

What Specific Documents Do I Require?

1. Geological/Hydrological Survey carried out by a registered geologist in the designated country.
2. Water Resource Management Authority (WRMA) Authorization.
3. Environmental impact assessment report
4. NEMA License
5. Country Council Permit.
If required, we can assist in acquiring the above permits and licenses.

What Is A Hydro-Geological Report?

Once the geologist has surveyed the area, he/she will provide you with a detailed report on the geology of the parcel of land. This report will also indicate the estimated depth of the water and the exact location of the borehole.

Why Do I Need A Nema Report?

A NEMA report consists of an environmental impact assessment report that details the impact of drilling a borehole on the environment. This is a mandatory requirement by law before drilling of the borehole (in Kenya only)

Why Do I Need Water Analysis Report?

After drilling the borehole and doing test pumping, we will take a water sample to the government laboratory for testing. The test results in a water analysis report that indicates whether or not the water is safe for domestic/industrial consumption.

What Distinguishes Borehole Drilling Companies In Kenya?

There are various factors that demonstrate a good drilling company; the experience of the team, the qualifications of key consultants, total understanding of the whole process, type of machinery that is being used; These give an indication of the professionalism and quality of the work that is done. At Waterwell, we treat each borehole like our first with a lot of care and attention; this ensures that you have a quality product for generations to come at pocket friendly prices. We are a listening partner in the field of borehole drilling in Kenya.

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